Decentralized Real-time Streaming Platform

Why streaming?

Remarkable growth on demand for ultra-low latency streaming, estimated to reach USD40.6 billion in 2027 (Grand View Research)

Extremely high infrastructure cost for streaming, especially cross-border

What is Bluesea?

A decentralized network with designed routing for ultra-low latency streaming, lowering cost by connecting redundant resources from home and enterprise servers

Using blockchain in:

  • Verifiable contribution
  • Secured transaction
  • Cross-border payment

How Bluesea works

Contributors earn from sharing resource
Developers using BlueseaSDK to build streaming app, pay infra fee
Investors earn from token staking
2-token model: Stable coin is used in trading infra/platform and BSEA is considered as governance token
  • Stable coin
  • BSEA

Technical challenges resolved

High streaming quality​

  • Network routing designed for Ultra-low latency​

Stable network​

  • Adaptive routing whenever having node failures​

Global coverage

  • Connecting nodes everywhere

Verifiable contribution

  • Proof of Relay​


Giang Nguyen

  • Founder of OWS Vietnam
  • 8 years in Streaming, Realtime
  • Keio University - Japan

Nghia Tran

  • COO
  • Founder of OWS Vietnam
  • Former Topica Native CTO
  • 8 years in Streaming, Realtime
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Ha Phung

  • CMO
  • Head of Marketing of Viettel Post
  • 9 years in marketing
  • 2 years in blockchain
  • Foreign Trade University

Kevin Do

  • Senior Blockchain Engineer
  • MochiLab CTO
  • Blockchain Lead in Sun*
  • 5 years in Blockchain
  • Keio University - Japan

Alex Nguyen

  • Senior Embedded Engineer
  • Founder of Lumi
  • 10 years in IoT 
  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology

Viet Anh Tran

  • BD Manager
  • Founder & CEO of Spiderum
  • Founder & CEO of Islander
  • 7 years in community building
  • 3 years in blockchain
  • Aalto University

Binh Duong Thanh

  • CGO
  • Founder of
  • 15 years in storage and cloud computing