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Bluesea Network is a decentralized network with designed routing for ultra-low latency streaming, lowering cost (billions of dollar) by utilising redundant resources from home and enterprise servers.

Innovate the live streaming industry by making it accessible to developers at a lower cost, while enabling millions of users to earn extra income by selling their currently wasted network resources.



Our team is passionate about delivering high-quality, low-latency streaming experiences to users across the globe. Join us in revolutionizing the streaming industry with our innovative and dynamic solutions.

With Bluesea exclusive routing technique, in any case of single node failure, the network would immediately find alternative routes, ensuring stable and high quality streaming experience. Additionally, with autoload distribution, Bluesea Network can maximize throughput by transmitting data simultaneously through multiple routes.

With nodes located worldwide, Bluesea network can provide seamless connectivity and low-latency (100-500ms) streaming to partners from all over the world.

Bluesea uses Proof of Relay to verify network contribution from nodes. Based on their data relay, nodes will be rewarded in BSEA token for their actual network contribution.

Dynamic Routing

Global coverage

Proof of Relay


Overlay Network

Get ready to experience the power of advanced technology with our cutting-edge network solution!

  • Latency-Focus Routing

    Lightning-fast paths for your data with Latency-Focus Routing, using the latest network technology

  • Smart Routing

    Smart Routing automatically selects and adapts routing paths to network changes, eliminating manual configuration

  • Realtime & Streaming

    Perfect for streaming and real-time applications, with Pubsub/KeyValue technology for both speed and efficiency

  • Extensibility

    Highly adaptable system that integrates with private networks, IoT, and Network Accelerators for endless possibilities

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At Bluesea we have a clear readmap to become the leading streaming platform. Each step repesnets a significant advancement for our platform and BSEA token.

Streaming platform MVP
Partners Integation
Blockchain Integration: Testnet
Blockchain Integration: Mainnet
Network Expansion


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